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16 Jul 2020

Grantham & District Model Aircraft Society RISK ASSSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT

Grantham & District Model Aircraft Society


Corona virus [Covid 19].

version jun 25 20 a


GDMAS is committed to ensuring its model flying activities are conducted in a manner to minimise the risks to health posed by Covid 19 .


In order to manage these risks the following procedures must be observed and practiced  by all members and guests attending flying site at Barkston Heath

airfield Ancaster Lincolnshire .


Barkston Heath is an open air site with mass air movement and plenty of space.

A full recommended social distance can be practiced at all times as space is not restricted .


1/ Access; the club will ensure on days when the club has access to the airfield, a solution of sanitising fluid will be positioned  by the barrier.

All members must clean the touch pad before and after use and clean and wipe all areas of the barrier touched in the act of opening and closing the barrier to  gain  access to site.

This process must be repeated when leaving the site.


2/ GDMAS equipment box; will have a container of sanitising fluid which is to be used to clean down after access to the box  All materials, safety equipment peg boards etc must on return to the box be cleaned and wiped with the provided sensitizer or similar. On signing in/out members are to use their own pens to prevent any possible cross contamination.


3/ All vehicles to be parked in a line and must leave a clear space between vehicles of 4 meters [in order to provide 2 m social distance ]


4/ Models; to be parked along with ancillary equipment in lines to ensure a clear area of at least 2 metres is left between adjacent set ups


5/ Flying; all pilots must ensure they are in a clear space with at least 2 metres between them and a helper or spotter Members must not form groups near to or with in 2 metres of any pilot who is flying or preparing to fly.

Members should not form groups of more than 6 people in any one location and at all times ensure social distance of 2 metres.


6/ Handling; models and equipment should be handled by the pilot owner and by any one living in the same household.

If a need arises for a person’s model or equipment to be handled by others   The model and equipment must be cleaned and wiped before and after handling by others


7/Toilets on site by hanger; these are to be kept locked at all times access is via key in locked key pad box. ONLY ONE PERSON to enter and use toilet at a time.

All surfaces, key pad, key, doors, wc, wash hand basins must after use be cleaned.


8/ General precautions; All members attending the site must ensure they have with them cleaning facilities in the form of suitable wipes and hand sanitizer.

NO member or guest may attend the site if they are covid19 positive, had a test for covid19 and awaiting results, are self isolating or have been asked to self isolate by NHS. or have any signs of Covid 19.


All members should only travel to and from the site in vehicles as individuals or with people in their social bubble only.

Members should not enter other members vehicles whilst on site.

All members that are considered in the vulnerable group should not attend the site until the government advises it is OK to travel.

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